Monday, September 28, 2009

Anti Wrinkle Tips & Reviews For Face and Eyes

Many of us are very much eger to enter our autumn years with the maturity and and wisdom. But we wish it without the wrinkles!
No magic cream or treatment has invented yet , which can make your skin ever green and let yor skin forget about age. But you can easily earn it if you follow some tips. Here are a few tips to help you beat wrinkles while you age gracefully.
Sun plays a vital role to make wrinkles on the face. Protect your skin from the sun. Before going out in the sun, use a sunscreen everyday .
Smoker get s wrinkles earliar in the face. Smoking strips skin of essential oxygen and reduces the rate at which skin regenerates. Smoking creats deep lines in the area around the mouth. So stop smoking to stop wrinkles.
For a youthful glow, skin needs to be clear of dead Cells and dirt. It also needs cleansing even as it ages and oil production decreases. Deep cleanse works as a protection of wrinkles.
Moisturizing is best done on damp skin. Moisturizing with a regular moisturizer or a night cream can replenish skin moisture levels and water content. Moisturize daily to get better result.
The blood flow helps to formate new Cells and clearing away of toxins. Improve circulation through regular massages to increase the blood flow.
Give your skin regular pampering and care. A good facial or appropriate face cream can help skin feel cared for.
Skin needs different care in different seasons. It would be best to vary beauty routines in summer and winter, by small changes in cleansers and moisturizers and diet.
Make a gentle care with your skin. Because skin is attached to the underlying muscle and bone by fibrous bands and has to resist the actions of gravity as one ages.Care not to handle skin while making-up the face or which cleansing can keep skin looking unravaged and youthful.
New products may be better for the skin than resorting to older skin formulas. They are designed to be updated with regard to pollutants and other skin damagers.
Skin begins to show line, if it don't get proper care. Make-up can disguise fine lines. Products containing luminescent particles usually reflect light away from the face and make lines less noticeable.
Remember that do not rush into cosmetic surgery. The effects are usually permanent and may not be all that you wanted in the first place.In this case, it is best to follow feedback from trusted friends and family.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ways to Earn Money Online For the People of Bangladesh

Internet plays a vital role in our life. Many people are earning a huge amount of money from the internet. Nowadays it’s even treated as regular jobs Even though Bangladesh is far behind compared to other countries when it comes to internet technology, there are still ways for us to pick up the pace to earn money online. There are many ways to earn money from the internet even living here from Bangladesh. For that we need to classify the ways of earning money into groups, only then we could decide which of the way would be suited for each individual. These groups are affiliation, freelancing, online ads, data entry and survey etc.

Affiliation: Affiliation is one of most common ways to earn money from the internet. Affiliations means being partnered up with a company and sell or make people do certain stuff on behalf of them. It’s like being a salesman for a company, however here rather than going door to door all u need to do is open up a website and send lots of traffic to that website, which hopefully by a portion will convert to sell. There are two types of affiliations, one is CPA (Cost Per Action) or lead generation and another one is selling products. CPA is making your website visitor sign up to some package which in time will generate money for the company you are working under, and you will get paid by the number of people who has signed up for it. And if you work for selling stuff, you will get a certain percent of the products price.

Freelancing: Freelancing is the second best ways to earn money from the online and that is by doing what you do best. There are some networks on the internet which will give you work based on your area of expertise, skill and experience. Once you finish your job, they will pay for your work. When the job crisis is growing day by day in our country, we could easily earn some money from internet doing freelancing. If you are a programmer, graphic designer etc. you can easily get job as a freelancer and submit your work online and get paid for it. Some of the famous freelancing networks are Odesk, Elance, Guru etc.

Online Advertisement: Doing advertisement for some company can be another good way to earn money from online by your website or blog. Online advertisement is mostly divided into two categories, one is CPM and another is CPC or PPC. CPM stands for Cost per thousand impressions, meaning you will get paid for each thousand times the ads will show up on your website. Whereas CPC stands for Cost Per Click and PPC means Pay Per Click which is basically the same thing. For PPC you will get paid for per click on the ads that will show up on your website. Google’s Adsense is most famous for PPC. Another good example is Ads on facebook. Facebook mostly runs CPC and CPM both. If anyone has a website or blog which has decent amount of traffic then CPM or PPC is obviously a best choice for him to earn money online.

Data Entry: Data entry is an easy job to earn money online from home. Here all you need to do is submit (typing in) some data for some company. Mostly this job does not require you to have pre-knowledge or experience. But after a while this job may get boring since it is tedious by nature.

Survey: Survey is by far the easiest job online, that there is. Many companies spent thousands of dollars for getting customer feedback. And one of the very effective ways is surveying people. If you can good network that has many survey offers then you can easily start earning money from doing those surveys. It’s very simple. All you need to do is just give your opinion for that certain product or offer. And once the survey is complete they will pay you for your opinion.

Earning money from online is possible sitting from any corner of the world. So why not from Bangladesh, when we need foreign currency more than ever? If possible we should try to earn money from online as well as doing traditional jobs.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Permutation Combination algorithm / C

Here is the code that i've written for Permutation on C. Hope this helps..
let me know if anyone finds any better way(less time consuming) to do it...

Permutation Combination Code on C / Algorithm


int str_len(char *s){
//this function returns the length of an string pointer.
int l=0;
while (*s!='\0'){

void str_left(char *t, char *s,int p=1){
//this function copys a string from a certain number
//from the left to the end to another string.
int len;
for(int i=p;i<len;i++){

void str_step(char *s){
//this function cycles all the letters in a string one
//step forward..last letter comes in the front.
int len;
char k1,k2;

void str_replace(char *t,char *s){
//this function copies one string into another string from
//the left(target string should have greater or equal length).
int lt,ls;




void str_permutation(char t[],int first=1){
//this is the function that does the permutation
static char current[20];
static int count;
int len=strlen(t);
if (first==1){

for (int i=0;i<len;i++){
char temp[20];
for(int j=0;j<2;j++){
printf("%s | ",current);
if (first==1){

void main(){
char s[20];

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Beribadh

There are places in our lives which has some emotional values to us. That could be for a good experience or the vice versa. For me the place I feel mostly emotionally attached is The Beribadh. And I’m glad to say it’s for all happy memories. I’ve always loved the nature and appreciated its beauty. But sadly being born and raise in Dhaka I haven’t found much of the places to visit. In this crowded city there is hardly any place where I get to be with the nature, well except the Beribadh. River, green grass and free wind it has everything that I crave for. I remember spending many evening in Beribadh, sitting on the riverside and watch the sunset with amazed eyes. I loved the wind on my face. I used to spread my arms and feel the wind on my body. I have many memories which happened on Beribadh. Most of them are with friends. We used to hand around on Beribadh a lot. Some nights around 8 I used to go to Beribadh along with my friends. At the end of Beribadh there is a boat stand. Most of the times, we hired a boat to roam around. We used to buy a lot of foods, so that we could have little bit of picnic on the boat. After the meal I always laid back and watched the stars and a shiny moon. I love the sound of the small water wave and the feel of cold water on my feet. So no matter how many times people told me not sink my feet under water while on boats, I never listened.

At last I would say that I love the Beribadh. Even thought its loosing its charm nowadays, I still keep visiting the same old place.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The New Features of Iphone OS 3.0

Well we all know that iphone 3.0 is coming and I personally can’t wait to get my hand on it as an iphone user. Those of you who are reading this blog probably all like iphone but despite its popularity iphone has always been less of a user friendly on some terms. For example iphone doesn’t support cut, copy & paste. A smartphone not supporting cut, copy & paste that’s almost unbelievable but still iphone doesn’t. It doesn’t even support any background running software. And no video streaming support other than youtube? How come they missed it out???

Thinking of these problems that we are facing iphone developed the new OS 3.0 version. This new OS has over 1000 new API for the developer and 100 new features for the customer.

Now lets look at all the new features of OS 3.0 for the iphone.

Cut, copy & Paste: The new iphone OS 3.0 has the built-in cut, copy and paste function. User only need to double tap to bring in the cut, copy & paste bubble. You can even cut copy & paste from one program to the other without any problem. This also works with images and web contained. And just not only that you can also undo if the needs be. On OS 3.0 all it takes is just to shake your iphone.  

Landscape Keyboard: Iphone 3.0 integrated landscape keyboard feature in their applications. So no more complaining about the space shortage. on 3.0 u can use landscape keyboard for SMS, MMS, email etc.

Push Notification: Iphone’s no background running policy has always been a pain. They say that running background application takes too much battery power. which is true. A smartphone should always have multitasking ability. To solve this problem iphone has come with New Push Notification feature on its new 3.0 OS. Now if you have your application closed, you can still get vibration, sound alert or text alert if anything new comes up. With this feature all the IM apps will be real thankful.

Spotlight (Search): the new OS 3.0 has built-in search function. This can allow users to search any files or even any applications loaded in their iphone. This new feature is called spotlight. It can find out whatever that you are looking for in your iphone. It’s a good feature considering that we have 100s of apps loaded in iphone. Finding can not be more simpler now thanks to OS 3.0

In game Voice: Yes gamers! It’s exactly as it reads. Apples iphone now has API for the developer to use in-game-voice. This feature will bring iphone gaming one step ahead. Generally this means that will be seeing a lot of new multiplayer game coming. Well I’ll be keeping my finger crossed.

MMS: Those of us who loves MMS would love this new feature. We all missed it in our favorite iphone. But the new iphone OS 3.0 has the MMS feature. User can easily copy multiple pictures from the library and send it as MMS with no hassle at all.

Streaming Audio & Video: Iphone’s Safari does not support any flash video and that has always been a pain. But in the new OS apple has allowed streaming audio & video. So its probably common sense to hope safari will have audio & video streaming support on 3.0

Shake to Shuffle: Borrowing from the ipod nana technology iphone OS 3.0 now has shake to shuffle feature. So no more pressing finger for changing songs.

WiFi auto Login: If you have a favorite WiFi zone you can create an account there. So that every time you visit the place your iphone will auto login to the WiFi zone.

Safari AutoFill: This is a nice touch to the safari. To prevent fishing and malicious activity safari now has auto fill feature just like cookies. 

Peer to Peer: iphone now has peer to peer support for games and applications. So multiplayer gaming will be much more available on OS 3.0 from now on.

Language Support: Iphone’s new OS 3.0 has extended its language support. It will have a lot more language option for both apps and keyboard.

Voice Memos: New application for recording Audio on OS 3.0. No more need for third party software.

And the best of all is all of these features is free for the iphone users both 2G and 3G. But for the ipod touch user its $9.95 to upgrade to OS 3.0. which is still a very reasonable price for all these great features.

But now the only question is when are they going to make it available? well they've already made beta version available for the developer. And full version will be available for the user in summer 2009.