Saturday, March 21, 2009

The New Features of Iphone OS 3.0

Well we all know that iphone 3.0 is coming and I personally can’t wait to get my hand on it as an iphone user. Those of you who are reading this blog probably all like iphone but despite its popularity iphone has always been less of a user friendly on some terms. For example iphone doesn’t support cut, copy & paste. A smartphone not supporting cut, copy & paste that’s almost unbelievable but still iphone doesn’t. It doesn’t even support any background running software. And no video streaming support other than youtube? How come they missed it out???

Thinking of these problems that we are facing iphone developed the new OS 3.0 version. This new OS has over 1000 new API for the developer and 100 new features for the customer.

Now lets look at all the new features of OS 3.0 for the iphone.

Cut, copy & Paste: The new iphone OS 3.0 has the built-in cut, copy and paste function. User only need to double tap to bring in the cut, copy & paste bubble. You can even cut copy & paste from one program to the other without any problem. This also works with images and web contained. And just not only that you can also undo if the needs be. On OS 3.0 all it takes is just to shake your iphone.  

Landscape Keyboard: Iphone 3.0 integrated landscape keyboard feature in their applications. So no more complaining about the space shortage. on 3.0 u can use landscape keyboard for SMS, MMS, email etc.

Push Notification: Iphone’s no background running policy has always been a pain. They say that running background application takes too much battery power. which is true. A smartphone should always have multitasking ability. To solve this problem iphone has come with New Push Notification feature on its new 3.0 OS. Now if you have your application closed, you can still get vibration, sound alert or text alert if anything new comes up. With this feature all the IM apps will be real thankful.

Spotlight (Search): the new OS 3.0 has built-in search function. This can allow users to search any files or even any applications loaded in their iphone. This new feature is called spotlight. It can find out whatever that you are looking for in your iphone. It’s a good feature considering that we have 100s of apps loaded in iphone. Finding can not be more simpler now thanks to OS 3.0

In game Voice: Yes gamers! It’s exactly as it reads. Apples iphone now has API for the developer to use in-game-voice. This feature will bring iphone gaming one step ahead. Generally this means that will be seeing a lot of new multiplayer game coming. Well I’ll be keeping my finger crossed.

MMS: Those of us who loves MMS would love this new feature. We all missed it in our favorite iphone. But the new iphone OS 3.0 has the MMS feature. User can easily copy multiple pictures from the library and send it as MMS with no hassle at all.

Streaming Audio & Video: Iphone’s Safari does not support any flash video and that has always been a pain. But in the new OS apple has allowed streaming audio & video. So its probably common sense to hope safari will have audio & video streaming support on 3.0

Shake to Shuffle: Borrowing from the ipod nana technology iphone OS 3.0 now has shake to shuffle feature. So no more pressing finger for changing songs.

WiFi auto Login: If you have a favorite WiFi zone you can create an account there. So that every time you visit the place your iphone will auto login to the WiFi zone.

Safari AutoFill: This is a nice touch to the safari. To prevent fishing and malicious activity safari now has auto fill feature just like cookies. 

Peer to Peer: iphone now has peer to peer support for games and applications. So multiplayer gaming will be much more available on OS 3.0 from now on.

Language Support: Iphone’s new OS 3.0 has extended its language support. It will have a lot more language option for both apps and keyboard.

Voice Memos: New application for recording Audio on OS 3.0. No more need for third party software.

And the best of all is all of these features is free for the iphone users both 2G and 3G. But for the ipod touch user its $9.95 to upgrade to OS 3.0. which is still a very reasonable price for all these great features.

But now the only question is when are they going to make it available? well they've already made beta version available for the developer. And full version will be available for the user in summer 2009. 



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