Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Beribadh

There are places in our lives which has some emotional values to us. That could be for a good experience or the vice versa. For me the place I feel mostly emotionally attached is The Beribadh. And I’m glad to say it’s for all happy memories. I’ve always loved the nature and appreciated its beauty. But sadly being born and raise in Dhaka I haven’t found much of the places to visit. In this crowded city there is hardly any place where I get to be with the nature, well except the Beribadh. River, green grass and free wind it has everything that I crave for. I remember spending many evening in Beribadh, sitting on the riverside and watch the sunset with amazed eyes. I loved the wind on my face. I used to spread my arms and feel the wind on my body. I have many memories which happened on Beribadh. Most of them are with friends. We used to hand around on Beribadh a lot. Some nights around 8 I used to go to Beribadh along with my friends. At the end of Beribadh there is a boat stand. Most of the times, we hired a boat to roam around. We used to buy a lot of foods, so that we could have little bit of picnic on the boat. After the meal I always laid back and watched the stars and a shiny moon. I love the sound of the small water wave and the feel of cold water on my feet. So no matter how many times people told me not sink my feet under water while on boats, I never listened.

At last I would say that I love the Beribadh. Even thought its loosing its charm nowadays, I still keep visiting the same old place.


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