Monday, August 3, 2009

Ways to Earn Money Online For the People of Bangladesh

Internet plays a vital role in our life. Many people are earning a huge amount of money from the internet. Nowadays it’s even treated as regular jobs Even though Bangladesh is far behind compared to other countries when it comes to internet technology, there are still ways for us to pick up the pace to earn money online. There are many ways to earn money from the internet even living here from Bangladesh. For that we need to classify the ways of earning money into groups, only then we could decide which of the way would be suited for each individual. These groups are affiliation, freelancing, online ads, data entry and survey etc.

Affiliation: Affiliation is one of most common ways to earn money from the internet. Affiliations means being partnered up with a company and sell or make people do certain stuff on behalf of them. It’s like being a salesman for a company, however here rather than going door to door all u need to do is open up a website and send lots of traffic to that website, which hopefully by a portion will convert to sell. There are two types of affiliations, one is CPA (Cost Per Action) or lead generation and another one is selling products. CPA is making your website visitor sign up to some package which in time will generate money for the company you are working under, and you will get paid by the number of people who has signed up for it. And if you work for selling stuff, you will get a certain percent of the products price.

Freelancing: Freelancing is the second best ways to earn money from the online and that is by doing what you do best. There are some networks on the internet which will give you work based on your area of expertise, skill and experience. Once you finish your job, they will pay for your work. When the job crisis is growing day by day in our country, we could easily earn some money from internet doing freelancing. If you are a programmer, graphic designer etc. you can easily get job as a freelancer and submit your work online and get paid for it. Some of the famous freelancing networks are Odesk, Elance, Guru etc.

Online Advertisement: Doing advertisement for some company can be another good way to earn money from online by your website or blog. Online advertisement is mostly divided into two categories, one is CPM and another is CPC or PPC. CPM stands for Cost per thousand impressions, meaning you will get paid for each thousand times the ads will show up on your website. Whereas CPC stands for Cost Per Click and PPC means Pay Per Click which is basically the same thing. For PPC you will get paid for per click on the ads that will show up on your website. Google’s Adsense is most famous for PPC. Another good example is Ads on facebook. Facebook mostly runs CPC and CPM both. If anyone has a website or blog which has decent amount of traffic then CPM or PPC is obviously a best choice for him to earn money online.

Data Entry: Data entry is an easy job to earn money online from home. Here all you need to do is submit (typing in) some data for some company. Mostly this job does not require you to have pre-knowledge or experience. But after a while this job may get boring since it is tedious by nature.

Survey: Survey is by far the easiest job online, that there is. Many companies spent thousands of dollars for getting customer feedback. And one of the very effective ways is surveying people. If you can good network that has many survey offers then you can easily start earning money from doing those surveys. It’s very simple. All you need to do is just give your opinion for that certain product or offer. And once the survey is complete they will pay you for your opinion.

Earning money from online is possible sitting from any corner of the world. So why not from Bangladesh, when we need foreign currency more than ever? If possible we should try to earn money from online as well as doing traditional jobs.